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Health Benefits of Beans

Health Benefits of Beans
Proteins in Beans
Compared to grains, beans supply 2 to 4 times as much proteins.
Beans, a Rich Source of Fibre
Beans contain a lot of fibre or fiber, this is the reason they have so many health benefits.
Beans have between 5 and 8.6 grams of fiber per 100 grams ’30 ounces’ serving.
Bean Fiber cleans up cholesterol from the intestines.
The chemicals in beans that block formation of cancer cells are released. Beans are concentrated carriers of protease inhibitors, Bean enzymes counteract the activation of cancer-causing compounds in the colon.
The fiber found in beans is called oligosaccharides, its made of 3 to 5 sugar molecules linked together so the body cannot digest them, thus passing into the intestines and bacteria break them down, so gas is produced.
Beans and Flatulence
Many refrain to eat beans to get these health benefits because of the side effects of Gas and Flatulence.
Due to beans are not completely digested in colon has its own health benefits, but causes flatulence (wind) or gas.

Beans, also known as legumes, are in the vegetable category of food, there is almost 14,000 species of beans.
Some Doctors suggest to combine them for a complete protein for a substitute for meat.
To make a complete protein Doctors advise to eat beans with corn, nuts, wheat, seeds or brown rice.

More Health Benefits of Beans
Many beans, especially soya beans, have impressive health benefits.
Diets rich in beans can help to:
regulate colon
lower cholesterol
reduce risk cancer
lower blood pressure
prevent constipation
prevent other bowel problems
improve diabetics’ blood glucose control
beans have antioxidant protection, red kidney beans have more than blueberries.
beans have a high level of isoflavones that help prevent cancer and heart disease.
Beans and Heart Disease and Cancer
Health Benefits of Beans